Ivy Media creates renderings for West Kowloon Terminus

West Kowloon Terminus is currently one of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects in Hong Kong, which cost more than HKD 2.5 billion. In light of past good cooperation experience with MTR, Ivy Media was assigned to produce a 4-minute animation that illustrated the architectural design of the project, both interior and exterior. This animation has been widely broadcast through local TV and Internet. MTR is one of the most profitable transport systems in the world.
  • Ivy successful bidder on Shui On Land project.

    Ivy Media has triumphed over other 3 major CG companies in an intense competition for a Shui On’s large-scale property project, Lingnan Tiandi located in Foshan, Guangzhou. The project is a major urban renewal mixed used development in downtown Foshan, including 22 groups of significant buildings which are to be preserved and renovated due to their distinctive architecture and historical value. This has been a very successful collaboration and we have won praises for our work not only from Shui On Land, but from the local Foshan Government as well as the public. Shui On is a flagship property development company of the Shui On Group in the Chinese Mainland.
  • Once again, Ivy Media has teamed up with Sino Land

    Ivy has completed another 3D rendering and animation project for Sino Land Limited, The Hermitage, a high-end luxury residential area in Hong Kong. The units were marketed and sold exceptionally good with the help of Ivy Media’s service. Sino Chairman personally thanked Ivy Media for the good work. Sino Land is one of the largest developer and property companies in Hong Kong and it has always been one of Ivy Media’s regular clients.
  • Ivy was chosen by Shangri-La Group as their 3D graphics consultant

    Ivy Media has been creating renderings for Shangri La (thanks Shangri-La for the astonishing architectural designs!). Ivy Media has been recommended by Shangri-La Group internally to use our services to produce 3D renderings to support them in the visualization of the design of their various hotels. Ivy Media has worked on many of their projects including hotels in Qingdao, Changchun, Tainan, Qufu, Ulaanbaatar, Kowloon, Shanghai, Dalian as well as the fitting out of their new corporate headquarters in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.
  • Ivy Media creative director Jiang Yu interviewed by “Mars”

  • Ivy Media Annual Company Trip –Late autumn in Seoul

    Employees are the greatest asset in Ivy Media. Hence, a company trip will be held every year since its inception 10 years ago. The purpose is to reward all hard workers in Ivy Media as well as create a sense of team spirit. In 2014, our co-workers from Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou office had gathered in Seoul for our first overseas company trip. It's time for us to let our hair down! We had fully immersed ourselves in the stunning view of Namiseon Island! Our journey in Seoul was full of joy and laughter, like the saying goes around in Ivy Media, “Work Hard, Play Hard”.
  • 2015 Cambodia Trip

    Every year, the company will organize a group tour abroad to allow the employees to have a short getaway. This is a tradition of Ivy Media as a token of appreciation to devotion of the employees, and we have doing this for many years. This year, we are going to Angkor Wat, one of the Seven Wonders in the World, an ancient civilization with mysterious stories and myths. We are all craving for the trip set ahead”.
  • 2016 Annual Dinner

    The beginning of the year is the perfect time to gather around and have fun! Other than delightful foods and wines, everyone has also prepared a lovely gift for their dearest colleague in the gift exchange section. The fiesta has come to its climax when the most reliable teammate were announced! The team has spent some quality time together, the gathering ended with laughter and satisfaction. Everyone is looking forward to a fruitful year.
  • Flower for Her - International Women Day

    Here comes the annual International Women Day! Flowers were placed at each of our female team members’ desks before they arrived at the office. A small present has lighten up their day.
  • 2017 China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou)

    This year, the team had the chance to pay a visit to the 39th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou). Ivy believes that it’s vital for the team to keep pace with the changing trends in furniture design industry, in order to produce high quality works by self-enhancement.
  • Moment Captured - Ivy Beijing Team

    23rd April of every year is a special day for Beijing Team. Regardless current or former team members, it’s a tradition for them to gather around and take group photo in the studio. Photographs capture a moment that cannot be reproduced. Everyone is part of the family, walking side by side and be strong towards the challenges in the coming years.
  • Moment Captured - Ivy Beijing Team

  • Moment Captured - Ivy Beijing Team