IVY Vision is a“real-time”virtual flythrough platform developed by IVY Media. It is a useful tool for design and planning purposes. The user interface is very user friendly and can be manipulated easily. The user can access any place in the model freely and be virtually there. IVY Vision is flexible and can be applied effectively for urban planning and management of an entire city district or down to the virtual tour of a small apartment. The most significant and useful feature is the database information which can be linked with the building model and can be updated anytime according to the planning and development process. This can reflect the area’s present and future planning effectively and intuitively.

1. Four camera control modes (Real-time)
a) Overview
b) Walk-through
c) Drive by
d) Fly-through

2. Real-time screen capture
At any moment, user can save current screen for later analysis unlimited number of screen captures screen shots saved on computer as JPG.

3. Real-time measurement
a) Height measurement
by clicking on any 2 points on the screen, tool will show vertical distance between them
b) Distance measurement
by clicking on any 2 points on the screen, tool will show horizontal distance between them

4. Shadow analysis
We can track the sun’s path over the site so as to generate an accurate effect of the shadows cast by the buildings and structures at any specific time and date.

5. Real-time view analysis
Analyze each individual building and the spaces in between them, establish accurate viewpoints from any floor of a building for view analysis.

6. Multiple design analysis
The application can insert different designs of the same site for analysis purposes.

7. Land Use Analysis
The application can analyze the maximum size of the structure based on the prescribed density and height allowances.

8. Removal Analysis
Based on the built area of the project, the application can establish the standard as well as a preliminary budget for the demolition cost.