IVY Media Technology Ltd

Ivy is a high quality 3D visualization and communications company. Established in 2005,we have built up a solid reputation in the real estate and design industry in the production of top quality graphical material for top end developers, hotels, corporate and institutional clients. We work with world class architects, designers and media professionals in delivering top quality renderings, animations and 3D solutions, to support them in the design visualization of their projects, as well as producing vivid collaterals and solutions for the marketing of their various projects. Over the years, our work has been strictly through direct referrals and word of mouth, yet within short years, our projects are now global in nature. Through technology, we can deliver our high quality products, solutions and services efficiently and quickly through the internet to clients all over the world. Based in Hong Kong, and with liaison offices internationally, we look forward to working with you and demonstrating to you how through technology, we can support you and your company, in the virtual realization of your projects.